Final Post 2007

4 11 2007

Again well done to all the teams! We had a great competition and can’t wait for next years… Here a some choice photos from the bunch.

Signing off until next year,

the Techies.


The Games

4 11 2007


Game link:


Lurker’s Craft

Game to be released late November according to the site.


Team Equidna

Game link:



Black Van

Boltor Game:

Games and photos to appear here soon…

31 10 2007

Stay tuned for games and photos, once the awesome techies regain their internet cap this place will be littered with links!

The Winner

28 10 2007

First a big thank you to all the teams for competing in the 48hr gaming competition !

And a massive thank you to our three judges for the event:

Lubi Thomas

John Passfield

Gaute Rasmussen

And the winner is……………………………..

SIF90 !!!! with the excellent game Sticky Geckos. A single player puzzle game which saw you shoot sticky lizards onto a boat controlled by a robot to stop it from capsizing. 😀

Congratulations to every one!

Especially to all those that won the secret prizes, these included:

Most Sleep Deprived: Kyall – Team Equida

Least Prepared: Michael Shay

Furtherest Away: The guy from London – Lurkers Craft

The Shame Award: Abbey – Team Equidna (Rocked up with a faulty Operating System)

Stay tuned, we will be updating this website with the final games soon !

*EDIT* Thank you for the comments fixing the mistakes we had. We were currently sleep deprived when we wrote it. 🙂

The Judges are making their decision…

28 10 2007

Who will win the competition???

End Game!

28 10 2007

With half an hour to go the teams are making the final adjustments and testing their games. This is it!

Half an Hour Left

28 10 2007

omg omg omg omg omg !

 We’re running out of time! The programmers are…. surprisingly calm…. but still! only half an hour left!