The Kitchen’s Journal 07

Day 3 – End Game

Day 3 and i’m overun with mutating, evolving chicken noodles. Where is everyone? Are they leaving me? Looks like it’s game over for me… no one wants me anymore. I’m leaving.

Day 2 – Night

Dear Web Journal, I think I’m onto something here… apparently the noodles can evolve! See here… look!

Chicken noodles…chicken noodles~!

Chicken and Mushroom!… chicken mushroom!

How is this possible? Are they going to evolve again??? I’m off to find out.. stay tuned for updates.

ps. Check me out now…

kitchen state as of now

oh yeah!

DAY 2 – Morning

Dear Web Journal, I thought I’d take a dive this morning once the teams have had breakfast… but they seemed to keep me fairly clean. This is rather boring to be honest..

kitchen sat morningoodles of noodles!noodles!

Food is getting eaten.. but there are waaay too many chicken noodles left! Why won’t they eat the chicken noodles.. some sort of conspiracy I must get to the bottom of before the competition is over.


Hi my name is the kitchen. I’m currently tidy and filled with food but in 48 hours who’ll know how I will look…

clean kitchen

I’ll keep updating my good looks over the next two days.


4 responses

27 10 2007

dear kitchen …

oh, i am SO sorry … worry not – a rescue team is on its way to make you look all nice and pretty for the daylight hours …

love, the kitchen fairy

27 10 2007

wot?! no new pot noodle donations? poor kitchen …..

27 10 2007
The TonkMasta

mmm…. kitchencam. where’s the url for kitchencam streaming potnoodles? Sorry, Steaming. Silly me.

28 10 2007

the kitchen was small and sometimes dirty but its tasty treats kept us going. well done kitchen 🙂

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