for those of you who missed it all

6 10 2008

how could you! our teams were extraordinary … you might need to catch up on what you missed … games and photos and more reports coming here soon as we recover eno’ to collect everything … meanwhile – Australian Gamer has already got their coverage up over here:

… looks like yug managed to remain alert after his generous after party to get the coverage to you all!

Tim who was actually competing as a member of Preemptive Revenge also managed to keep his reporting more or less up to date over on

Kaitlyn Sawrey from triplej Hack was also reporting on the event – she tells us there should be a podcast over on the hack site soon …

Leanne of Portal Marmosets fame kept a blog of the event:

SO brilliantly done all of you .. if you can’t wait for this little bunny to have sufficient coffee and you need to play something, this year’s winning team – second time around lords – Sif90 – still have a copy of their previous winning game (2007) over on their website … and of course you can admire the rather hasty photos of a number of splash screens from this year here under the GAMES page …

more updates coming …




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