Teams 2008

And welcome to the still growing list of teams! If you have a team and you want to sign up, go over to the Brisbane IGDA web site and follow the instructions on the 48 game making challenge sign up … if you want to enter but you don’t have a team, there is still time to find some companions in crime – go along to the Brisbane IGDA forums

Teams registered:

  • Sif90 (2007 winners)
  • Lurker’s Craft
  • Team Echidna
  • Team Duct Tape
  • Team Preemptive Revenge
  • Team Pseudorandom
  • Team Laserback Turtles β (Beta) – – or LBT for short
  • Team Friction
  • Team Black Wolf
  • Team Portal Marmosets
  • Team Distortion Studios
  • and announcing: team Play

sattelite teams:

  • AIE – Canberra (via web cam) – TeamTBA
  • AIE – Canberra (via web cam) – Team Undomesticated Equines

Friday October 26th UPDATE

IF you have perchance contacted me and your team is not listed, forgive – my mail client is antsy about hotmail apparently – resend any information to truna at acid dot net dot au

IF you have not flagged your intent, then my darlings, you will have to watch and wish you were part of it all – I am closing applications COB today …


Team sif90

Team Sif90

Team Sif90

Team website:

Tom Killen
Matt Clark
Michael Szewczyk
Simon Joslin
Jon McEwan
Joe Gatling

Dev Platform: C, OpenGL


Lurker’s Craft

Lurker's Craft

Team website:

Confirmed members:
Adam Corbally
Kim Burgess
Paul Cameron
Phil Helliwell
Scott Veitch

The last spot being fought over by a couple of coders at present 🙂

Game Dev: We’re using Torque Game Builder again this year.


Team Equidna

Team Echidna

Team Echidna

Ben Glock
Designer/Level Designer/Artist
Enrolling in QANTM Semester 3 2008.
Info Byte: Loves game design ideas based on contrast, loves Rube Goldberg styled level design.

Jason Harwood
2nd year bachelors of games at QUT.  Majoring in programming.
Info Byte: Owned a game retail store for three years in Coffs Harbour, until EB showed up.

Kyall Henricksen
Lead Programmer, Liason
2nd year bachelors of games at QUT.  Majoring in programming.
Info Byte: Loves XNA, believes it to be a great stepping stone for any programmer up to other APIs such as GL and DirectX.

Abbey Miranda
Lead Artist
2nd year bachelors of games at QUT.  Majoring in art.
Info Byte: At last years 48 hour competition, showed up without an operating system on his computer.

Chris Rhodan
1st year bachelors of games at QUT.  Studying Design & Programming.
Info Byte: Youngest but tallest in the team.

and how could we forget: Lall Goh
Lead Designer
2nd year bachelors of games at QUT.  Majoring in Design.
Info Byte:  Yes, his name is indeed pronounced lawl.  So cool.

Team Echidna Development Environment: C#/XNA Windows/Xbox 360 (Possibly)


Team Duct Tape

Team Duct Tape

Team Duct Tape

Steven Alan Scott* :: Pixel :: (Glorified Coffee Boy with illusions of Grandeur)
What is there to say. I hate games and I don’t know why I am here…. I kid, I kid. I do know why I am here. I am here to design games, oh and code and maybe a little of the artwork and the sound tracks and get coffee and run around and organize the team. But I digress. A little about myself I basically sit around all day thinking about doing stuff and getting tired because of it. I also spend lots of time investing in the removal of every photo of myself. I am down to 6. But alas all of them are out of my reach. I am also a student at the Q.U of the T and I study *shock horror* game design.

*Alex Bedford* ::  (Artist)
I am doing the games and interactive entertainment course, I hope to graduate into an area where I can work on creating pre-release game trailers, movie trailers, or in freelance advertising.  I think this 48 hours game challenge could give me some insight into what I am capable of when working in a small group with set goals

*Daniel Brett Luckhurst* :: Luckhuda ::  (Programmer)
I have a background in Networking and currently doing the Software Technologies Major. I like games and music, more specifically trance and progressive. I do what I do because I enjoy playing games and therefore I would imagine making games would be something enjoyable to do.

*James Gill *:: Haxxxton :: (Artist, Writer)
I love concept art and really anything that challenges me – James “Haxxxton” Gill

*Seth Laster*:: Nextos :: (Artist / Sprite Animator)
Crazy artiste, talks too much, likes to model and draw… most likely going to get stabbed by my peers…  woo

*Jay*:: Mongo :: (Writer, Designer)
I’m Finnish, born in Australia. I’ve been playing games since the late 80’s. I started on those early nintendo handheld devices that only had one game and also on arcade machines.Then i moved onto the Sega 8-bit. In the early 90’s got a Commodore 64. An Amiga 500 was the next phase. From there got a series of PC systems and hence got into a world of pc gaming. I enjoy a lot of different genres. But from those early days in the early and mid 90’s the adventure genre has a soft spot in my heart. This is probably why i value good and in depth characters and story over gameplay. I’m interested in creating new and fresh concepts for games going beyond stale “re-made ideas”. I want to create interesting and exciting stories and characters and use the games media as a vehicle to bring these ideas forth in a fresh and creative way. My education is a lot of tv and movies and of course plenty of video games from the 80’s all the way to the current year. I also consider myself a musician and enjoy playing and creating music. In the games industry i want to design new and innovative games, probably focusing on story and characters, but i’ll see what the next two years will bring.

Team IP Development Framework:
In regards to our engine. Since we are first year students we want to be able to bring forth the most we can create. We are attempting to learn an C# based engine called Atari C lite. Secondly you mentioned pop cap frameworks which looks promising. So if we can get that to work it is probably the most desirable. But we are not blinded by our own egos and have a back up plan in the form of Game Maker 7. That is our last resort. We will keep you up to date on this process.


Team Preemptive Revenge

Tim Campbell (Designer/Coder)
Max Vasey (Designer/Coder/Sound)
Wayne Stevenson (Designer)
Ashley Marschke (Designer/Coder)
Jay Neilson (Artist)
Alister Palmer (Artist)

Dev Engine: Darkbasic Pro

Mostly formed from QANTM students and most of us studying Games Design. Jay is currently studying Animation also at QANTM and Alister working on his own projects between the 9 to 5 bore.


Team Pseudorandom

Rocco Loria
Rocco is the team liaison, he is confident and enthusiastic. He has an understanding of most areas of game development and would like to focus on game design.

Adam Hardiman
Adam is a to the point, get the job done guy. He’s one of our teams’ strong coders and is proficient in C++, Lite-C, PHP, and more he’s reluctant to list.

Angie Horsford
Angie is an optimistic, hard worker. She’s our teams’ visual designer and has a high skill level in drawing and post production art programs.

Josh Smith
Josh is our very capable lead programmer who’s quick to learn and fast to act. He has battled many sleepless nights in the quest for glory (game development).

Dane Tuivanu
Dane is a kind, easy to work with, dedicated member of the team. His low poly modelling skills are above and beyond and he shows great enthusiasm.

Jonathan Kennedy
Jonathan is the new guy on the scene having just started his first semester of game development. However he shows enormous potential in the programming department.

All team members hail from the Southbank Institute of Technology, studying the Diploma of Multimedia in Video Game Development

Development Tool: 3D Game Studio A7/Lite-C


Team: Laserback Turtles β (Beta) – – or LBT for short

Lazerback Turtles

Laserback Turtles

James Giles
Henry Morrow
Alexander Newman

Steve Halliwell
Kristopher McCrea
Joshua Sanderson

The Laserback Turtles consist of six Qantm College graduates from Queensland.

Alex Newman (3D ARTIST)
Originally from Tasmania, he flew a mighty long way to attend Qantm college in Brisbane and has stuck around since. He’s already preparing his wrists for the cramps.

James Giles (3D ARTIST)
Originally from the Gold Coast, James didn’t have to change states like Alex. He’s buying a new computer just for the event! …and maybe because his current PC is 3 years old…

Henry Morrow (3D ARTIST)
This champion raised in Kenmore Hills is ready to go all night – twice! Who needs to sleep?

Steve Halliwell (PROGRAMMER)
Even though Qantm College is in Brisbane, Steve has remained firm and continued to live in Robina on the Gold Coast. He is currently developing an extensive open source engine.

Kris is another Qantm graduate working on his own projects (that’s a euphemism for unemployed lol). His talents, diligence & frustrated screams will be welcomed once again to the team.

Joshua Sanderson (PROGRAMMER)
Often seen flailing at life, jumping around a DDR mat and playing Brawl, Josh is often mistaken for someone other than a programmer. He currently works at Halfbrick Studios.

Dev: We’ll most likely be using the OGRE engine to develop our game.

Team Name: Friction

Team Friction

Team Friction

Friction games website:

Matthew Carr: (Team Lead/Programmer)
Computer Science student, free time artist and game enthusiast. Loves to watch anime and play fighting games. Hopes to one day become a member of gaming company.

Steve Viselli (Programmer)
Steve began his computer science degree in 2007 after a brief year following the wrong career path in accounting. During his year as an accountant he had a lot of time to play great 2D games such as helicopter, resulting in a great interest in game development. He is hoping to gain an experience and insight into the game development process during the 48 hour game competition.

Josh Farquhar: (Animator/Programmer)
Josh enjoys gaming, science fiction and lots of TV. He grew up around computers and consoles and is now seeking a career in game development. Josh is completing his 2nd last semester of a Bachelor of Computer Science at the University of Wollongong. He joined the competition for fun and to give himself a chance at actually getting a job after university.

Eddie Evers (Animator/Programmer)
I have been attending the University of Wollongong since 2006 and I’m currently in my 3rd year of a Bachelor of Computer Science majoring in Multimedia and Game Development. I’d call myself a jack of all trades, being able to pick many things up pretty easily, and having a diverse skill set not just in computer science. I enjoy pretty much anything to do with computers, designing, graphics, games and gaming, and programming. I’ve joined this competition to gain more experience, and give myself a chance of finding a real job after University is over.

Marcus Lim (Programmer)
Marcus is a 20 year old University student who is doing his bachelor of computer science, with a double major in Game Development and Digital System Security. He is a regular gamer enjoying RTS, RPG and the occasional FPS. Having a curiosity for puzzles, he enjoys games like suduko, kakuro and such, which challenge his logical deductive skills. Upon joining the competition he found thorough enjoyment with mixing gaming and programming.

Dave Doyle (Programmer)
Dave is 21 years old, and currently in his second year of a Computer Science course at University of Wollongong. He hopes to have completed his degree, majoring in Software Engineering and Game & Multimedia Design by the end of 2009. Dave is an avid 2D gamer, playing anything and everything from his SNES to ROMs on his PC, and is eager for the challenge of creating a new game in 48 hours.

Dev tools: 3D Game Studio A7/C++


Team: Black Wolf Games

Team Black Wolf

Team Black Wolf

Andrew Papadopoulos (Team Leader/Designer)
I was born in 1984, and have been playing games since the early ‘90s starting with the Amiga Amstrad and then progressing up to the latest PC and consol games play any game that I came across. I have a huge passion for games and gaming, culminating in my choice in degree, Computer Science with a major in Game Development and Multimedia, I may even finish off a Mathematics degree while I am here.  I play any and all games, with a slight preference currently to RTS and FPS. (Andrew: “My passions are what drive me and guide me. They let me strive to excel against all the odds.”)

Ben Booth (Animator/Programmer)
My fascination with gaming started with Prince of Persia and Space Invaders and since FIFA99, football games have been my staple entertainment. For some time I have wanted to work in games development, but only in the last couple of years have I really appreciated games as so much more than entertainment. I have been interested in sandbox style games but more recently with games like Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Metal Gear Solid 4, strong characters, strong story and strong artistic direction are what drive games for me.

Michael Williams (Animator/Programmer)
I’m currently in my final year of study at the University of Wollongong. I’m good with modeling and animation. I’m also very interested in designing and creating games. I love to meet and work with new people.

Casper Smith (Programmer)
I’m currently in my first year studying Computer Science at Wollongong with a major in Multimedia and Game Development. So far I am really enjoying my course and have learned so much. I gain more and more experience by the day and I have a great thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm to learn about the games industry. I have developed a number of popular web games over the past few years. I started developing web games around 5 years ago at the age of 14. Since then I have turned what was at first a hobby into a profitable job. My most popular game “Griswold the Goblin” has made several millions of views all across the Internet. My favorite video game genre would have to be point and click adventure since these were the first types of games I played (Kings Quest, goblins, Monkey Island etc…). I am really looking forward to this competition and I’m excited to learn a lot about working in a team in the games industry.

Scott O’Brien (Programmer)
My name is Scott O’Brien.  I was born in 1988, lived 19 years, and here I am…  but seriously now.  I’ve been into computers and gaming since the old family Amiga A1200.  Although the most recent games I tend to play happen to be 3K ( and Kings Quest V, I still find I enjoy a good play.  My real passion lies with programming.  I’ve loved a good challenge and the fun of coding since discovering QBasic on my old DOS machine many years ago.  I attended St. Gregory’s College Campbelltown and am now in my 2nd year of study at the University of Wollongong studying Computer Science.  I hope to become a high school teacher where I can teach and inspire young minds to create great things.

Rebecca Fernandez (Programmer)
Hi I’m Bec, I’m a second year Bachelor of Computer Science student majoring in Multimedia and Game Development and also Software Development. I like to play games (mostly the girly ones like Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon, etc). I like to spend my free time out in town with my mates.

Dev tools: 3D Game Studio A7/C++


Team Portal Marmosets

Portal Marmosets

Portal Marmosets

Leanne C. Taylor (story/design)
Nick Frizzo (design/animation)
Rimon Bar (character design/animation)
Murry Lancashire (background design/animation)
Ian Underwood (animation/programming)
Katherine Power (programming)


Distortion Studios

Info: All members enrolled in their second year of IT courses at QUT. 5 out of 6 members enrolled in the Bach. Games & Int. Ent. whilst the 6th member is in the Bach. of I.T. The team is comprised of 2 developers/sound designers, 2 game designers, 1 graphical artist and an all-rounder. Hopefully we’ll enjoy getting together and creating a game just as much as much as we do getting together to play them.

[Members] [6]
[1] Nicholas Kinsey: Lately, Nick has been busy learning about and developing games in everything from Flash to C++. Like the majority of the team, he studies games at QUT as well as physics and sound. His future aspirations are to get into interactive installations and/or augmented reality.

[2] Douglas Cook: From an early beginning doug has always been interested in games and leapt at the chance to create them for a living. In his second year at QUT’s bachelor of games, his range of skills is growing as he finds new areas to experiment with. Always up for a challenge, he is interested to see what this competition will bring.

[3] Nathan Rashleigh: Another of the team in QUT’s games course, Nathan majors in games design and can’t play a game without breaking it down and analysing it. In the near future he hopes to get some foundations designing with local studios.

[4] Bodan Shepard: Bodan is our second designer and approaches game design with grave amounts of passion and energy. Bodan’s a regular at the LANs his team holds and like Nathan is constantly thinking about the structures and mechanics that underpin the games he plays.

[5] Jacob Evans: Jacob took an interest in video games at a young age and so is studying IT majoring Games Development and Software Architecture at QUT. Recently, Jake has been dabbling in C#/XNA and as such will function as an all-rounder at the comp, focusing on the engine and its IO capabilities.

[6] Kyle Castley: Kyle is also studying interactive entertainment at QUT, and is majoring in Animation. He has experience in 2D animation and traditional art, as well as Flash. He aims to complete work experience with a games company soon and move into the Queensland games industry, doing level, environment and character design.



The play team:


Ash: artist, coder, madman

Sally: musician, artist ninja

Duncan: programmer, hero

Dev: unknown … more members? unknown!


The AIE Canberra Sattelites (streamed into the 48 hour location by web cam – locked in their own little world … )


Team TBA

Adam Clarke
James Murchison
Robert Orlick
Dane Lipscombe

Curtis Davidson
Chris Little

Dev environment: We’re all students at AIE with the exception of Dane, who was a student here last year. We’ll probably be using OGRE as our engine, and we are a satellite team.


Team: Undomesticated Equines

Undomesticated Equines

Undomesticated Equines

Aaron Henderson (Artist)
Info: I’m busy…

Matt Golden (Artist)
Info: 3D Artist.

Daniel Edwards (Artist)
Info: 3D Artist – So, I hear we like to make trees … ?

Christopher Sorensen (programmer)
Info: Programmer.

Andrew Buckley (programmer)
Info: I make things work.

Adrian Webb (programmer)
Info: Guy who’s annoyed that the NRL grand final is on straight after this
and will probably fall asleep after the first ten minutes of the game!!!!

Our gaming engine we will be using is going to be irrlicht and the artists
will use 3ds Max.  Looking forward to the competition and being awake for 48 hours locked in a
room lol lol


Team supporters – do watch your team via the live web cam links when they are fixed up – do add comments and send messages to them via this blog – let them know you are out there!

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8 10 2008

Portal Marmosets if possibly the funniest team name I have ever heard. I tip my hat to you, good sirs.

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